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Garden sheds and storage in Scholes and Bradford

Do you have gardening tools and equipment but no suitable place to store them? Want to create a small workshop area in your own garden? At Garden Fencing Design we can build a timber shed to suit your exact requirements.


Need other garden storage solutions to organise your workshop tools more efficiently? You can store our wooden boxes in your new shed - you'll never lose another gardening tool again!

A clutter-free garden is a beautiful garden in Scholes

With our high quality garden sheds you can put away any equipment or garden furniture you're not using. Your garden will not only look more spacious but it will also feel more welcoming. Call our team today - we can help you anywhere in Wyke and Scholes, near Bradford with professional garden sheds and storage.

Let us improve your garden with:

- Garden sheds

- Efficient garden storage solutions

- Decking installations

- Fencing

Get more storage space with a practical timber shed made in Bradford. Call us for a quote on

07512 921 936

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